Are you interested in a trial run for a new product, or are you thinking about moving away from manually applying labels to your bags? Do you need multiple designs for a lower MOQ?

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Then our digital printing option, starting at just 3000 units, might be right for you. The Bag Broker can offer a high-quality print, low minimum order quantities, and the same food safety standards as other printing techniques.

More details about digital printing

  1. We can print on stand up pouches and side gusset bags, all sizes and most materials;
  2. Minimum order quantity of 3000 units. For orders of 10,000 units, it is possible to print up to 4 different designs;
  3. Lead time 10-12 weeks. 6-7 weeks for airfreight quotes;
  4. Print drum charges - None. This technique does not use print drums;
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